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We are an urban strategist, finance-focused management consultancy based in Sarajevo. We work with Owners and Managers in the public and private sectors to assist their companies in creating and maintaining sustainable value. Our focus is development process and to increase your Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Operating Profit.


Continuous, transparent, positive growth and development of societies and economies.


Responsible and sustainability aware support in development of projects, companies and institutions through strategic planning, development of organizational culture, healthy lifestyles, financial planning, urban and market integration into becoming symbols of excellence, productivity, sustainable value and overall wellbeing.


Integrity | Honoring commitments is at the core of what we do. Our internal document control procedures reflect a high awareness of data sensitivity.

Human touch | We are a boutique style company that focuses on a select number of projects. Allowing us to provide more of an individualized touch. Our core team is supported by various experts in their related fields.

Attention to details | Beauty is the most valuable “thing” there is. We all need to strive to achieve it while minimizing challenges of jeopardizing functionality and profitability. ICA is doing it by correlating the aesthetics of clear order with optimal function to produce best results.


Our intention is for you to have sustainable and profitable business and to create more advanced society.

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