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Our niche

Hotel, Tourism & Leisure, Complex Real-estate developments

  • Master planning and economic impact (feasibility study, research + benchmarking)
  • Financing & Investment
  • Specific concepts (resorts, creative industries)
  • Business plan and financial modeling
  • Positioning (independent vs. branded)
  • Project development
  • Asset management, strategic operational plans

From master planning of urban districts to management of specific hospitality projects, we execute for maximum economic impact. Projects are implemented according to world-class standards of urban and business planning and financial modeling. We assist our clients in careful market positioning of their ventures, be it independent or as a part of global brand. Strategic operational plans are co-created with the clients, and execution is fully supported.We diligently work on master planning of community developments, resorts or commercial mix-use properties. Our work is conducted in partnership with professionals from specific branch of industry. Mapping of the area for the purpose of creating unique projects is usually the first step in our work.

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Private and Public Real Estate Development

  • Investors and Fund Management
  • Developers
  • Public Private Partnership

When it comes to real estate development, we have practical knowledge of working within legal systems of Western Balkan countries. We also continuously follow environmental trends and signals, such as the ones pertaining to economy, technology, culture, biosphere. This enables us to offer top-notch services that are relevant here and now, for projects that have a realistic future ahead of them.

Our team has extensive client experience and is actively involved in the industry, participating in industry associations to keep up to date with latest issues and trends affecting your business.

Global Industry Expertise – Culture

  • Business modeling and operations
  • Project Management

Rise of creative industries is indicative of a rising demand for artistic products. After satisfying the basic needs of survival, human beings have very strong needs for values such as belonging and self-actualization, as reflected in artistic pursuits. Our experts can assist private organizations and public authorities in developing viable projects in the creativity field.

Global Industry Expertise – Manufacturing

  • Financial Advisory
  • Family Business structuring

As manufacturing is being rapidly changed by automation and increased entrepreneurship, optimal business processes will have to reflect realities of contemporary times. The rise of the Internet access enables rapid learning by any group or individual on the planet. Successful companies will have to balance between focusing on their core competencies and always being ready to pivot and adjust. For small-to-medium sized family enterprises, especially the ones who specialize in high-value artisan products and services, we offer support in terms of establishing optimal business structure and ensuring best financial practices. Besides indispensable quantitative tools of financial modeling, we also take care to understand and analyze more nuanced and qualitative factors.

Global Industry Expertise – Non-for-profit & Institutions

  • Public Utilities
  • Universities, Research Institutes, Think-Tanks

Whilst utility of private initiative is evident in motivating creativity and innovation, there is also a crucial role of the commons and the public sector in the overarching goal of promoting prosperity. We apply rigorous industrial expertise to setting up sustainable processes within public organizations. As knowledge is our key ideal, we are especially interested in assisting institutions of learning to flourish in contemporary economies.