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We meticulously plan the project with a strong underlying current of financial modeling. Evaluation of project success is based on clear numerical indicators. We deliver our expertise in various modes, be it in project management, computer models, publications, presentations, multi-media / online production, educational workshops. Below is given a list of key tasks that we complete in the overall process of increasing your business efficiency.

  1. Insights
    1. Feasibility studies – examining the potential of an idea, within the complete environment, geographical and social; performing due diligence, taking into account financial parameters based on globally recognized standards such as IFRS; identifying risks and devising mitigation plans.
    2. Market Research, Positioning, Branding – mapping the playing field for a particular class of products and discovering connections and trends; ongoing research into global economic trends; setting up independent or global brands for clients’ ventures, taking into account careful positioning within a market
    3. Strategic Planning – working with top management to facilitate coherent vision for a venture
  1. Engineering
    1. Urban planning – master planning, economic impact and social impact
    2. Project Management – design, development and implementation of projects of high complexity and value, based on world-class standards of engineering excellence
    3. Development coordination – connecting and communicating with various stakeholders of projects, ensuring buy-in from all involved parties
    4. Concept architectural planning – recognizing that successful creation of individual real-estate projects is fully dependent on the environment it is situated in; promoting creation of sustainable and beautiful public spaces and infrastructure
  1. Corporate finance
    1. Business restructuring – bringing a fresh perspective into an existing business, by in-depth research aiming to identify leverage points for most effective intervention, be it a costs reduction or brand development, ensuring bottom line enhancement
    2. Financial modeling – using technology to model the financial flows of a business. Assumptions are made based on practical experience and the continuous research practice
    3. Mergers and Acquisitions – identifying opportunities for establishing synergies between business entities. A complete service, including world-class expertise in valuation, organizational transition, publicity
    4. Raising Finance – facilitating clients in accessing debt and equity financing for their ventures
    5. Asset management – efficient running of business processes on behalf of clients, including facility management, budgeting and cost management, optimizing operational profitability
  1. Tax Advisory
    1. Transfer prices – advising on optimal model for inter-conglomerate transactions, ensuring full compliance and appropriate documentation of processes
    2. Tax advisory services – assisting clients in designing their business operations so that all tax duties are paid most effectively